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The Assembly of the Delegates introduced in 2013 the membership of Interbeauté. Its status shows in the “Membership Classification and Basic Criteria” of Intercoiffure Mondial under the code 23 “Members of Interbeauté”.


  • The members of ICD-Mondial (World-Organisation) are the country-sections. Every Interbeauté-Member is eligible by the country-section as a Delegate of the General Assembly, a Board member, a Book reviewer, etc. of ICD Mondial.
  • The Membership of Interbeauté implies for the members the acceptation of the By-Laws of Intercoiffure Mondial with all the duties on one hand and the rights on the other hand.
  • The Membership Classification and the Basic Criteria of Intercoiffure Mondial is to apply for Interbeauté members in a similar way as for active members.


  • Members of Interbeauté are professionals related to the Beauty Business occupying a leading position such as designers, makeup artists, creative workers, SPAowners, nail artists etc.
  • The Central Committee recommend to the sections to give to the Interbeauté members only a voting right in the affairs directly related to the Interbeauté matters. How to handle the voting rights of the Interbeauté members in the country-sections is up to the final decision of the Board of the country-sections of ICDMondial.
  • The acceptance of the new members of Interbeauté has to take place by the country-section.
  • Intercoiffure Mondial is an Association under the law of Switzerland and is completely neutral from politics, religions, ideologies, ethics, etc.