ICD Ukraine


The artistic project BEREHYNYA was created in May 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine, with the idea originating from the top stylist Natasha Balabanova.

Berehynia is an East Slavic mythological deity, a key embodiment of femininity, wisdom, love, willpower, and courage. The project is dedicated to Ukrainian women shaping history from ancient times to the present, showcasing how through centuries, the nation carries its best qualities. The codes and strength manifested in contemporary Ukrainian women make them the new guardians.

Natasha Balabanova, along with Ruslan Zakharchenko, contemplated the images that should be part of this collection, deciding on designs that are light and modern yet carry their Ukrainian essence. Each girl's style is refined and individual, expressing movement and freedom.

The collection was created in collaboration with the designer YS Yani Stepanenko, who specializes in demi-couture. His priority lies in reviving history, traditions, and sacredness, evident in every detail.

Idea & Hair: Natasha Balabanova
Hair: Ruslan Zaharchenko
Beauty Partner: Balmain Paris Hair Couture
Muah. Katerina Voinych & Anna Voevodina
Ph: Bundzilo Tanya
Total Look: “YS” Couture by Yanis Stepanenko
Brooches: Regina Verbitskaya
Gloves: To be accessories
Graphics: Studio Santai