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Intercoiffure Mondial is a worldwide association of like-minded, leading hairdressing entrepreneurs. Every three years, our board of directors is newly elected to shape and implement the activities. As President of this association, it is particularly important to me that all continents are involved in the management body, the Central Committee, but also that the strongest member's regions are at my side represented by my Vice Presidents.

Our profession, in which we are constantly dealing with people, thrives on cooperation and intensive, honest communication between colleagues and with our partners! This is what I see as my task, and I am grateful for this worldwide friendship.  I hope that politicians in our world will take togetherness and communication to heart more than ever before. We want a world in peace, especially for our children and the next generations! There is no room for false vanity!

Working Committee


President ICD Mondial


Vice–President ICD Mondial


Vice–President ICD Mondial

Markus Herrmann (GER)

Vice–President ICD Mondial - President Europe R. & President ICD Germany

Ignacio Romero (ESP)

Working Committee member

Alexander Herzberg (GER)

Working Committee member & Managing Director I.M.M.

Martin Peterer (SUI)

Treasurer ICD Mondial, President ICD Mond SA & IMM

Central Committee

Oliver BOHN (GER)

President Fondation Guillaume –


Managing Director Fondation Guillaume – Switzerland


President Asia Region


President Nordic Region


President North America Region & ICD America–Canada


President Latin America Region


President Oceania Region & ICD South Africa


Chancellor of the Chevalerie


President Education for Life


Managing Director Education for Life || President ICD Luxembourg

Joakim ROOS (SWE)

Chairman Intercoiffure World Academy


Chevalerie Council member


President ICD Ukraine


Former President ICD Italy


President ICD Austria


President ICD Bulgaria


President ICD Japan & Fashion Director Asia Region

George XU (CHN)

President ICD China

Chu–Wei CHENG (TW)

Former President ICD Taiwan


Vice–President ICD America–Canada


Fashion Director ICD America–Canada


Vice President South Africa


President ICD Australia

Luciana NILO (BRA)

2nd Artistic Director ICD Brazil


Member ICD Uruguay














The values our association is built upon


Founded in 1925 as an association of successful colleagues, our club survived two world wars and numerous economic crises. Solidarity and friendship shape our beautiful craft.


Quality knows no limits; our goal at Intercoiffure is to fulfill customers' well-being with bespoke care. Our hair specialists embrace innovation, fostering unity beyond boundaries -> beautyness


Inspired by diverse perspectives and ideas, we integrate the cultures and lifestyles of all member countries into our salon services for enriching experiences.


Honest exchange and communication is what makes our organization what it is, and that is ultimately what makes our association unique and what makes it possible.


The world's
leading hairdressers.

In the vibrant "Roaring Twenties," hairstylists from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and England founded L’Association Internationale des Maîtres Coiffeurs de Dames (I.C.D.) in 1925. Parisian artist Guillaume Guglielmi, post-World War II, shaped Intercoiffure Mondial's destiny, succeeded by industry leaders like John Pfeil and Alexandre de Paris.

In 2021, Peter F. Pfister became Global President, ushering in a new vision. Under his leadership, Intercoiffure Mondial prioritizes industry future promotion, fostering global partnerships, and empowering salons. The Fondation Guillaume supports intensive junior training, emphasizing continual development. Social responsibility is a core focus, with increased annual support for socially disadvantaged youths through the "Education for Life" initiative.


Beauty in diversity
and authenticity.

Intercoiffure Mondial's new campaign, led by Global President Peter F. Pfister, celebrates the essence of beauty and individuality in a concise, 100-word statement. The campaign highlights versatile simplicity with soft curly waves in blonde, a sleek straight bob in caramel, or demure shoulder-length curls. Diversity and authenticity define beauty, emphasizing that honesty and self-confidence are more attractive than Instagram filters.

The campaign aims to deliver timeless hair fashion statements that resonate with salon customers worldwide. Pfister emphasizes Intercoiffure Mondial's commitment to masterful quality, showcasing different hair colors and lengths to reflect the organization's global openness and assert its position as the world's leading hairdressers.


Shaping the future and
shaping beauty.

Intercoiffure Mondial, synonymous with "The World's Most Beautiful Hair," shapes the future of beauty through its global network of dedicated hairstylists. Committed to high-quality standards and common values, they embrace creativity, craftsmanship, and a passion for beauty.

Intercoiffure fosters communication and networking among stylists, exchanging inspiration, business expertise, and employee development. The association's vision unfolds at national and international events, where hairstylists aspire to make a difference with unbridled energy and vision. They are image changers, style experts, and business leaders united by the spirit of growth, mutual support, and empowerment through friendships.


We are represented on
a variety of platforms.

Intercoiffure Mondial, a powerhouse in the beauty industry, spans diverse platforms – online, offline, print, and digital. Members leverage the association's marketing tools to showcase creativity and quality, fostering a strong brand with enchanting allure. Photo collections capture current fashion influences, presenting global hair fashion journeys. Key events include Spotlight in Paris, featuring Chevalerie Awards and TRENDblast.

Night of the Stars in Paris honors industry greats, while the World Congress convenes visionary hairstylists worldwide every four years. Social media engagement includes Instagram updates and Facebook interactions, complemented by a dynamic website. Newsletters and an online magazine keep members abreast of fashion trends and industry happenings, enhancing Intercoiffure Mondial's global media presence.

Management Management Management

Intercoiffure Mondial Management

Intercoiffure hairstylists live and breathe authenticity, identity,
international flair and individuality.

Intercoiffure is an association, and to manage all activities, handle funds officially and correctly, and professionally address all necessities, a professional management is required.

For this purpose, I.M.M. (Intercoiffure Mondial Management) was established as a company. The headquarters of this company is located in France, at the House of Nations, from where the entire organization is directed. From a tax perspective, I.M.M. is considered a French company.

I.M.M. Board

Martin Peterer (SUI)

President IMM (ICD MOND SA)

Alexander Herzberg (GER)

Managing Director IMM (ICD Mondial)

Ove B. Walderhaug (NOR)

Board Member (ICD MOND SA)

June Wilde (AUS)

Vice President IMM – (ICD Mondial)


Board Member (ICD Mondial)


Board Member (ICD Mondial)

Oliver Bohn (GER)

Board Member (FG)

Andreas Mayer (AUT)

Vice President IMM (FG)

Mond.s.a. Mond.s.a. Mond.s.a.

ICD Mond. S.A.
ICD Mond. S.A.

Is the Company who is owned by Intercoiffure Mondial members and shareholders and is handling all topics about the house-ownership. Located in the heart of Paris, this house matches its ambitions and can accommodate a large number of worldwide members.
The key idea of the organization of hairdressers is to fill with life the new House of Nations and Studio Guillaume, to make of these premises a place of creation and inspiration. The House of Nations has indeed been designed to welcome teams of hairdressers warmly invited to photograph their collections, perform trainings, workshops and seminars as well as photo shoots.

Shaping the future and shaping beauty.

This house is also a great place for history, a beautiful museum where many works of art mainly bequeathed by Guillaume, Cocteau, Lloyd, Gruau and Fini perfectly find their place. The House of Nations, dressed in its finery, is also a beautiful space out of time where it feels good to pause and admire exquisite paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Shaping the future and shaping beauty.

On that evening, the association honored M. Otto Sommer who masterfully completed the acquisition of the House of Nations.
The leaders of the organization were also much grateful to Ms. Tanaka and Ms. Tsubouchi and to all the donors for their strong support. Last but not least they warmly thanked the major partners of Intercoiffure Mondial, L’Oréal and Wella Professionals, for their tremendous support since the beginning of the project.

Generally speaking, a toast was raised to everyone who supported the project and participated in its acquisition, renovation or decoration.

Fondation Guillaume

Guillaume Guglielmi (1903-1989) was not only one of the greatest coiffeurs of the last century, but also a highly gifted sculptor, avantgarde artist and a patron of the arts.

The young and wild ones from Intercoiffure Mondial are open-minded, cosmopolitan and have boundless enthusiasm. Their creations are bold, experimental and revolutionary. The Fondation Guillaume, the young talents association of Intercoiffure Mondial, was established in 1982. The only condition is that the juniors (aged between 18 and 27) have unconditional passion for hairstyling, beauty and international relations.

The future belongs to young people; we have to understand them for the future of our profession.

for life

Intercoiffure unites the world's premier hairdressers, setting high standards for the professional and human quality of its members. This commitment inspired the association to engage socially and aid those less fortunate.

In 2004, we laid the foundation in Paris with the "Education for Life" program. Guided by the philosophy that "encouraging young people and providing prospects through qualified training is our duty," we offer not just hope but, crucially, a future. The inaugural project, "Casa Do Menor," emerged as a lifeline for youths in Rio de Janeiro's slums. Jens Dagné led the establishment of "Intercoiffure Charity Deutschland e.V." in Germany, aiming to support these initiatives. As President of Education for Life, Jens Dagné collaborates globally with Vice President Dan Studer and Intercoiffure Charity delegates to implement hairdressing school projects across diverse nations.

The future belongs to young people; we have to understand them for the future of our profession.