Intercoiffeur Ukraine


On March 12, 2023, in Kyiv, with a team of 8 members, we executed one of our most spectacular fashion projects, "Victorious," for the Ukrainian Section of Intercoiffure Mondial.

This art work is labelled as a PROJECT rather than a simple collection of hairstyles. The ideology of the entire "Victorious" shoot carries meaningful messages that should attract attention to each individual. Every day we triumph, hold unwavering spirit within us, and showcase the bright and best within a person, particularly in Ukraine.

It's a trend in the elevation of human significance, the right to be.

Natasha BALABANOVA happily organized this project, where each person filled the collection with their talent and vision for hairstyles. The images turned out interesting, very modern in her opinion. "It's important that we continue our activities, inspiring the world of Intercoiffure with a vision of fashion. Beauty, purity, and aesthetics from the Couture perspective in art; white on white conveys perfect and optimistic harmony of spirit." the Section President of Intercoiffure Ukraine says.

Through the activism of such a shoot, the involved hairstylists demonstrate the strength of international friendship with Intercoiffure and dedicate it personally to the organization. The "Victorious" fashion video was first seen at the Intercoiffure Mondial Congress at the Award Ceremony in Saint-Tropez on July 1, 2023. It was delightful to hear the audience's applause at the event and sincere support for the Ukrainian organization, a great unity and friendship.

Special thanks have been shown to the President Peter f. Pfister and the Intercoiffure Mondial office for for supporting the shoot and many thanks are destined to members for their contributions with donations made in the early days of the war.


Project idea, photoshoot Organization : Natasha Balabanova, President ICD Ukraine & Art director ICD  Europe

Fashion Photoshoot Organization : Elena Sedykh, Art director ICD Ukraine

Hair by :

Natasha Balabanova

Elena Sedykh

Irina Kasparyan

Vyacheslav Dudenko

Olena Filonenko

Ruslan Zakharchenko

Natalia Orlyanska

Olena Bondarenko

Photography: Bundzilo Tanya

Make-up: Alexandra Sabotage

Video production : Alex Mikhalevsky

Castings of models, styling, looks : YS Couture (Yanis Stepanenko)