New Timeless Luxury

Intercoiffeur Austria

Spring 2024

Production: Intercoiffure Austria
Patronanage: Andreas Innfeld, President of Intercoiffure Austria
Idea & concept: Mario Krankl, Creative Director of Intercoiffure Austria
Hair: Mario Krankl, Katharina Bedrava and Sebastian Pfister
Assistance: Lisa Bedrava, Donat Kisch and Sarah Schmidlechner
Make-up: Eva Hauswirth
Photography: Friedrich Hauswirth
Fashion Styling and coordination: Barbara Krankl
Outfits and Fashion: Hämmerle Mode
Video: Noa Hauswirth
Visuals: Alfred Loch
Agency / Post Production: Bazzoka Creative
Models: Lisa Bärmann, Luise Hasse, Peter Mairhofer (Wiener Models), Tara Schwed, George Waid
Location: Erler & Partner Studio, Salzburg
Coloration: Goldwell 


Trend statement “New timeLESS Luxury”: Subtle elegance and discreet luxury shape the looks from Intercoiffure Austria for men and women in the 2024 hairstyling season 

Pixie, long bob, and luxury waves reinterpreted: Timeless hairstyles for all hair lengths that guarantee a wide range of variations. Men are sporting trendy looks that are deliberately styled. 

Passion for the hairdressing trade, a feel for trends, and the artistic side of the profession are at the centre of the Intercoiffure hairdressing association’s work. The hairdressers of Intercoiffure Austria have consistently immersed themselves in inspirations for styling trends and fashion visions since the founding of the global organisation Intercoiffure Mondial, thus setting the tone for the styling business both nationally and internationally and actively shaping what is in vogue. For the 2024 season, the theme of “New timeLESS Luxury” is the focus for the experts of Intercoiffure Austria: iconic hairstyles for women and men, reinterpreted and elevated to new classics of hairdressing art with modern accents. The goal of Mario Krankl, the new Creative Director of Intercoiffure Austria, with the trend statement “New timeLESS Luxury” for 2024 is to give women and men a very clear recommendation for wearable, trendy hairstyles that convey a feeling of discreet luxury in a completely natural way and allow for a wide range of styling variations. The looks are designed for all hair lengths and work regardless of age because they do not rely on trendy effects but are instead focused on boldly expressing the wearer’s personality and reinforcing their individual nature. “New timeLESS Luxury” is inspired by the fashion and design trend of “quiet luxury”, which creates its own style as a new aesthetic: less severe than minimalism, discreet, classic, and dedicated to exalted essentials and quality. As such, “New timeLESS Luxury” celebrates the renaissance of the long bob, presents a comeback for the pixie cut in platinum blond, and combines beauty and elegance for wearers of long hair with laid-back luxury waves. Men are showing off their confidence with shorter hair this season: the modern pompadour with classic lines, the taper fade, the long crop, and the short mullet with lots of texture and movement. When it comes to colour, the order of the day for both women and men is that dyeing your own hair is out. Colouring has to support the quality of the hair and emphasise the brilliance of the colour, because naturalness and healthy, well-kept hair with plenty of sheen are essential for a radiant overall look. 

The Intercoiffure Mondial hairdressing association unites around 2,000 of the world’s best hairdressers, stylists, and barbers in 42 countries with some 50,000 employees. This makes Intercoiffure an important international player in the beauty and fashion business, paired with a distinct passion for the hairdressing trade, expertise in cutting, colouring, and styling techniques, and tremendous enthusiasm for shaping hairdressing trends and styling visions. 

“The team of Intercoiffure Austria consistently contributes new inspirations and ideas for innovative trends within the group and thus draws a great deal of international attention to the creative achievements of Austria’s hairdressing industry. With the trend theme ‘New timeLESS Luxury’, Austria is once again making a bold fashion statement and thus serving as a pioneer for the styling industry far beyond the borders of our country,” explained Andreas Innfeld, President of Intercoiffure Austria, enthusiastically. 

“New timeLESS Luxury” marks the debut of the Salzburg-based hairdresser Mario Krankl, who became one of the international figureheads of the industry with his work for photoshoots and shows, as the new Creative Director of Intercoiffure Austria. With regard to the creative approach for the 2024 styling season, he explained, “Influences from the world of fashion and design play a major role as sources of inspiration for hairdressers. The ‘quiet luxury’ movement is currently making waves and bringing new ideas into the international fashion world. The idea of discreet luxury appeals to me a 

great deal, which inspired me to carry this movement over into the world of hairstyling. Because well-kept, healthy, and shiny hair with a perfectly crafted cut and professional colouring has a lot to do with the feeling of luxury. I know from experience: A look that is tailored to the wearer’s individual personality gives them a subtly luxurious radiance that can not only be felt by the wearer themself, but also in others’ perception of them. This is precisely what we at Intercoiffure Austria want to do for our customers with the trend statement ‘New timeLESS Luxury’.” 

Timeless classics reinterpreted with a stylish signature: “New timeLESS Luxury” offers a wide range of styling variations for all hair lengths with the pixie cut, long bob, and luxury waves 

“New timeLESS Luxury” is distinguished by trendy, wearable hairstyles for all hair lengths. Two aspects that are particularly important to Mario Krankl are that the cuts allow for a wide range of styling variations and that the hairdos can be executed regardless of the customer’s age. The focus is on creating trendy and at the same time timeless hairstyle classics that gain modernity through reinterpretation and simultaneously emanate a feeling of discreet luxury. 

In this spirit, the legendary pixie cut is celebrating its comeback with Intercoiffure Austria hairdressers in 2024. In platinum blonde, it makes for a true fashion statement and underscores the wearer’s personality, guaranteeing bold looks and a wide range of styling options for fashionable transformations. Depending on how the wearer wants to come across or what mood she’s in, the variations range from a sophisticated 90s look to a lively micro fringe. 

Styles revolving around the long bob play a key role in 2024. The unique allure of this hairstyle: Cut bluntly as a basis and then combined with layering at the crown of the head and soft, fringed bangs, the long bob exudes timeless modernity. Delicate cut-outs give the look a modern high-fashion feeling in the straightened glass hair variation and emphasise the individuality of the wearer. 

In the wavy, structured version, the look results in a highly wearable and appealing French bob variation thanks to the movement in the hair. 

For many women, wavy hair perfectly embodies the feeling of luxury and glamour. “New timeLESS Luxury” combines beauty and elegance for wearers of long hair, with laid-back “luxury waves” that simultaneously emanate a certain note of spectacular sophistication. Styling variations with pinned up hair featuring braided and twisted elements as well as a wavy, open deep ponytail make this hairstyle a real eyecatcher for special occasions such as balls, cocktail parties, or events ranging from gala dinners to weddings. This fully brings out the feeling of discreet luxury and is guaranteed to turn heads in any case. 

What trends does the team of Intercoiffure Austria see in terms of colour? 

When it comes to hair colour, it is advisable to choose the shade so that it harmonises with the wearer’s individual skin type and emphasises their complexion. The current time of year also plays a role: Colours have a slightly different effect in the summer than in the winter months. In general, when it comes to the choice of colour, naturalness is key because the trend in terms of colouring is for hair not to give the impression of being dyed at first glance, but instead to have natural-looking colour tones and nuances. Therefore, dyeing your hair yourself is also out, particularly because this does not guarantee that the healthy quality of your hair will be preserved. “New timeLESS Luxury” supports the trend towards high-quality colouring and puts shiny, radiant hair front and centre. Because well-kept, healthy hair that preserves its sheen looks classy and creates a subtle elegance that makes a decisive contribution to feeling luxurious. 

This season, men are showing off their confidence with shorter hair that is deliberately styled: The hairstyles range from the modern pompadour with classic lines to the taper fade and long crop to the short mullet with lots of texture and movement. Precise cuts form the basis for every hairstyle that sits perfectly. Along with highly groomed beards tha