Members of the Board of Trustees of the Fondation Guillaumefondationguillaume

President - Oliver Bohn

CEO/Managing Director - Bruno Sommer

Vice-President - Noriko Tsubouchi

Honorary President - Mario Tricoci

Honorary Founder & Honorary President - Otto Sommer

Artistic Director - Nino Altobelli


Arild Martinsen, Michael Kluthe, Marion White, Dr. Karl Schroeder, René Sommer, Inge Handing, Sascha Hirtsgaard, Andreas Mayer and Mari Ogahara.


Fashion Team members and candidates
Oliver Bohn, Bruno Sommer, Nino Altobelli, Glenn Engels, Mari Nicácio, Mari Ogahara, Sasscha Hirtsgaard, Andreas Mayer, Jesus Romero, Mathew Johnson, Mario Leibold, Nicolas Goudeau and Gunilla Bergfeldt.

New candidate


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Otto Sommer, Fondation Guillaume