The Fondation Guillaume is a sub-organization of Intercoiffure Mondial.
Its purpose is to foster young hairstylists on an international level, bring the youth closer to the Intercoiffure family, make them familiar with the culture and  habits of Intercoiffure and show them how to become a full member of Intercoiffure.

These young stylists (we call them "Juniors") are invited to join the Fondation Guillaume at a time when they are employees of Intercoiffure salons and when they cannot yet become regular members. There is only one condition: they must have a passion for hairstyling, for beauty and for international relationships.

A Junior who wants to participate in an event of the Fondation Guillaume has to be appointed by the board, the president of a Section. The age of these Juniors is fixed between 18 and 27 years old.

Juniors do not pay a fee to Intercoiffure Mondial.
Juniors may perform at national or regional congresses at the yearly Forum Seminar that take place at either the Mondial Performance in Paris or at a World Congress. 

If a Junior is asking for a "National Fondation Guillaume" membership, it is up to the board and to the president of the given Section to decide accordingly.

In order to become a member of the "International Fashion Team" of the Fondation Guillaume, one has to send his/her application to the office of the  "Fondation Guillaume Management". He/she has to be supported by the board and the president of the Section. Finally the "International Fashion Team" of the Fondation Guillaume will decide about his/her acceptance, according to the rules of the "International Fashion Team" of the Fondation Guillaume.

"The future belongs to the young people; one has to understand them if one wants to take care of the future."  Guillaume