Fondation Guillaume Collections

A collection with clear movement & fluent shapes. Creative freedom with softness and strong personalities. Along with colorful clothes, curls in focus and a wonderful feeling of zest for life and dreams. Dare we dream of a future together....
"Future Dreams" is a vision from the past & the present.
But above all, F u t u r e D r e a m s collection, is about the future for allgenerations. Independent girls and guys with strong personality. Who know what they want. Dare to dream and live to reach the goal of your dreams.

CREDITS - Future Dreams

Hairdressers: Fondation Guillaume Sweden
Production of collection: Gunilla Bergfelt @gunilla_bergfeldt, Linda Schuster @schulie & Jennie Ifren @missgreen_79
Photographer: Linda Schuster @schulie @schuster_hairphotography
Make-up artist:
Josefine Solomon @byjosefines & Elisabeth Strand @blizzpression
Production company
: Wicked Dandelion @thewickeddandelion
Director of video: Sandra Penzo @sandrampenzo
Video: Mateo Lozano foto/film @mateoloz_
VFX: Viktor Swespy Johansson @viktor_swespy_johansson & Istudios Visuals @istudiosvisuals
Music: Sebastian Chavez @brownsugarchavez
Location: Pinchos karlskrona @pinchos_karlskrona & The Fox & AnchorKarlskrona @the_foxandanchor

See the entire presentation video here!

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