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What comes next: fashion evolves, reinvents itself, embraces a new language and comes back transformed, decade after decade. And this is exactly what happened with rock fashion: with last season seeing the revival of punk.
The 2021 Rock- mantic has a softer, feminine side. But, the desire to still have that ROCK attitude persists.
From Alexander McQueen to Chanel via Gauthier, there has always been a love for combining the boudoir chic with a rock and roll edge, bringing this style into 2021.
Sheer fabrics, revived blazers, lace, pearls, big stone jewellery, sensuality and theatrics play a role in Rock-mantic.
Hair is structured and creative constantly challenging the boundaries in fashion with short cropped fringes.
Be mysterious and rocker chic in our Romantic Rock trend.
Think romantic, feminine silhouettes calling you to the dark side.


Sustainable and Responsible Fashion Escapism. Believe in the Power Of Nature.
Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity.
Sustainable fashion is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend to reduce overall environmental impacts and improve social relations.
Fashion designers want to take us back to nature. But they recognize that people are busy these days. Not everyone has time to hike through a forest, see plants at their local botanical gardens, or even stop and smell the roses. Now this is taking “eco fashion” to a whole new level!


Striking Silvers
This season, Paco Rabanne, Balmain, Balenciaga, Burberry and Isabel Marant sent sexy silver silhouettes down the runway, proving that there will not be a shortage of party clothes come springtime. From chainmail to lamé, this metallic hue is going to be major for 2021.
Metallic silver is now hotter than gold or bronze.
Silver has all the qualities of grey, while being fun, playful, and lively. It symbolizes a sleek, futureproof style, glamorous and graceful at every turn.
Hair is splashed with highlights of iridescent hues, we head towards a futuristic look.
The return of metallic marks the beginning of a new decade: are they bringing in the new “roaring Twenties”?


True androgyny lies in the absence of gender binaries and its associations.
Designers that have managed to create androgynous clothing are typically the ones who erase masculine and feminine physical differences.
Let's break out of norms and rules!
Isn't it limiting to look at each other as one human race divided into two groups, men and women?
Aren't we more diverse than that?
Aren't we more interesting than just men and women, aren't we all intermixture of everything and little bit of each other?
Aren't we all characters, all unique, each one with their own story to tell?"

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