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Intercoiffure's "Education for Life" brings hope to Cape Town's youth at Christel House South Africa. President Jens Dagné highlights education as the key to overcoming adversity, and at the Intercoiffure Oceania congress, President Peter F. Pfister invited Christel House students to the 2025 World Congress. Supported by industry leaders, the event focused on elevating the future of the hairdressing business.

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Providing hope through education. Charity power with comb and scissors. For young people from the townships of Cape Town, the Education for Life school at "Christel House South Africa" is a place to start a better life. Jens Dagné, President of Education for Life: "In Cape Town, the world of the rich is often just a stone's throw away from the tin shacks of the desperately poor majority. Education is the gateway out of adversity." Intercoiffure President Peter F. Pfister visited the young hairdressers with a delegation. Inge Handing and Heidi Wetzel from the USA were involved as international trainers, as well as Andreas Innfeld from Austria who also made the getHair program he developed available to the students free of charge! Pfister: "I would like to thank everyone involved and especially Ezra, who is taking care of the entire project in South Africa."



Magic Moments - these are the moments that are captivating and will never be forgotten. Intercoiffure friends visited Cape Town to experience the first congress of Intercoiffure Oceania under the motto "Elevation of Tomorrow". It was about shaping the future together and taking the hairdressing business to the next quality level. Anel Cloete, President Oceania Region, Ezra Isaacs, Jas Jhally, President ICD Australia took the participants on an inspiring journey of ideas and workshops. James Calabria, Fashion Director Oceania Region presented a great collection on stage, as did the students of Christel House. Peter F. Pfister and Managing Director Alexander Herzberg spontaneously invited the young talents to the World Congress 2025 - Chris Stoffberg from Wella, and Kevin Thablo from Goldwell, agreed to jointly cover a significant part of the costs. "A dream is within reach and perhaps we will be able to bring several EfL students together at the 100th anniversary World Congress," added Pfister.

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