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Hair Cabaret 2022 in Paris

Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Friends from all over the world attended Intercoiffure Mondial’s rousing «Hair Cabaret 2022». It was a great celebration of a newly discovered joie de vivre and flourishing creativity. Beauty and style met craftsmanship, internationalism and savoir-vivre. In the aftermath of the pandemic, Intercoiffure Mondial invited creatives to the hair fashion event in Paris: with imaginative shows in the Paradis Latin, a dreamlike boat trip on the Seine and a festive award ceremony in the Salle Gaveau. Intercoiffeurs met their new President Peter F. Pfister in Paris for the first time. And guests enthusiastically celebrated the global family reunion of the Intercoiffure community.

Intercoiffure Mondial
Photo credit: Intercoiffure Mondial/ Christian Fournier

CABARET. It’ s a brilliant spectacle. It features glamorous models, subtle beauty, spontaneous comedy and always a touch of sexiness and frivolity. Intercoiffure Mondial, the association of the best hairdressers in the world, presented these magical moments at its «Hair Cabaret 2022» and shared them with 500 hair fashion experts from all over the world. The two-day event offered outstanding fashion expertise from the world’s fashion capital, coupled with a multicultural, positive and extravagant spirit. It was a happy reunion of the world’s hairdressing elite and top international managers from the hair cosmetics industry - and it showed once again how much Intercoiffure values these special global friendships and how much they had been missed for so long. During an evening boat trip on the Seine - against the backdrop of the illuminated Eiffel Tower and the beautiful bridges of Paris - the Intercoiffeurs celebrated life in true savoir-faire style: exuberant, unconventional, yet stylish.

In the Salle Gaveau, near the Champs Elysées, host Christian Rupprecht-Essig opened the event and Peter F. Pfister, President of Intercoiffure Mondial, welcomed members live on stage for the first time. «I am happy that after a break of more than two years and after exactly one year of my presidency we are able to hold an event in Paris again and that we can welcome such a large number of participants. This shows us that the redesign of our organization with all its activities has been accepted by our members - we are now active in 42 countries. We are very pleased that entire sections are now re-establishing their country organizations and returning to our community of the world’s leading hairdressers - such as Peru and the Netherlands!»

Under the leadership of the Global President, new approaches to education are being pursued at the highest level. Peter F. Pfister explained: «We will offer a talk show in the online format ‘Intercoiffure Mondial onAIR’ and also launch an intensive programme at our World Academy under the leadership of Joakim Roos, including a seminar called ‘Entrecoiffeurship’, which will show both young entrepreneurs and experienced colleagues new and academic ways of running a business. Furthermore, in addition to the digital seminar offer, we will also travel to individual regions to hold live seminars in cooperation with getHAIR. In addition, an innovative men’s programme is on our agenda for 2023: «Intercoiffure MasterBarber» will focus on the highest quality of barbershop skills. This concept will be spearheaded by Vice President Frank Gambuzza, one of the most successful barbers in the USA. In short, Intercoiffure is back and is fulfilling its claim to be «the world’s leading hairdressers» in meaningful ways.

«Back to life» – was also the motto of the first act of the show. 22 juniors from the Fondation Guillaume thrilled the audience with a fast-paced performance: from the darkness of the past, these avid fashionistas danced back into the bright lights of the present. Floral fusion meets happiness: bold floral accessories in expressive curly creations, voluminous braids with pastel extensions and brightly coloured up-dos with flower power. This is what happiness looks like in the form of a creative hair fashion concept - a playful, cheerful presentation by the Fondation Guillaume.

The dedication of the Intercoiffeurs to their craft, their young talents and the elite organization was evident at the festive awards ceremony, where 104 hairdressers and partners from the professional hair cosmetics industry were recognized for their outstanding work: Christian Kapanov from Bulgaria and Jens Dagné from Germany were awarded the Grand Cross. A special tribute was paid to Otto Sommer from Switzerland, who has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the organization for many decades. Natasha Balabanova, President Intercoiffure Ukraine, came to Paris from Kiev via Moldova and received a special award for her courage and fighting spirit: even in wartime, she created and photographed a hair fashion collection. And June Wilde, the chancellor of the Chevalerie, who has been a firebrand for Intercoiffure Mondial from Australia for 39 years, received the Life Achievement Award for her efforts.

The revue of the oldest cabaret in Paris, Paradis Latin, is a declaration of love for life and Paris - full of energy, poetry, sensuality and humour. Just the right location for Intercoiffure’s «Hair Cabaret 2022». The global association, which is one of the most innovative impulse generators in the hair fashion universe, showcased beautiful hair creations, all of which had freedom, happiness and love of life as their theme.

Dancers from Bulgaria floated across the stage like radiantly beautiful butterflies, with waving soft ribbons, the elegant designer evening gowns illuminated and sparkling. Under the title «Renaissance», the hairstylists of Intercoiffure Bulgaria created exclusive looks: shimmering hair, dressed in celebrity look of the 1950s with harmonious waves in long hair. Then followed a transformation into artful glamour styles with sophisticated up-dos - so much grace and a perfect stylistic language.

Set against the backdrop of a dark jazz bar, a song underpins the scene. «I don’t know who I belong to, I belong to myself alone», it travels through the smoky atmosphere of the Paradis Latin. Who do I want to be? Femme Fatale or Natural Beauty? «Timeless Pin-up» is the name of the show by Intercoiffure Austria, and hair artist Hannes Steinmetz shows through his different hair compositions how a woman’s self-image can change through styling: sometimes a natural, feminine curl creation, then an expressive pin-up hairstyle with soft volume and roughened side strands that lie casually over the shoulder for an extra dose of sexiness.

Everything is allowed, it’s all about disruptions in style in the looks for «Disrupted Elegance» by Intercoiffure Switzerland. Elegant dresses are mixed with exotic accents or restaged with urban accessories. The stylings for this included selfie queens with rocking pixies or shoulder-length styles with lots of texture. The hairstyles were inspired by the 1980s, with a lot of volume on display, and eschewed precision in favour of a relatively dishevelled and undone style - always with an elegant finish. Radical, but at the same time soft and feminine.

Hands on! Stephen Moody, Josh de Marco and Stan Newton, protagonists of the Cutting Council of Intercoiffure America-Canada, presented their training programme with excellent cutting techniques on stage. This involved taking the craft of haircutting to a new level. Short haircuts with soft contours, undercuts combined with blue accents, cool neck lines - it was all about the art of finding the right balance. «Because,» says Moody, «style should not be confused with form.»

Paris as a world metropolis of art, lifestyle, luxury and finesse inspires us to keep striving for freedom and beauty. Intercoiffure Mondial as a worldwide organization is the epitome of international cooperation. The international ICD Mondial Artistic Team presented its new «Euphoria» collection as a highlight of the «Hair Cabaret 2022» - an explosion of joy with beautiful, modern on-trend looks: casual soft curls to accessorize natural fashionistas, tousled redheads for extra bling, blondes with short cuts for delicate femininity and dark long bobs as styles of perfect elegance. These are wearable, commercial looks for clients: innate without any fashion dictates. A grand finale with the happiness factor: feeling free and living out that irrepressible feeling of lightness and exuberance - that’s the mood of the new ICD Mondial Collection «Euphoria».

Intercoiffure Mondial

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