Intercoiffure Mondial Brand Relaunch:
Beauty in diversity and authenticity

Paris, 16 January 2022 - Intercoiffure Mondial presents its new beauty visuals for a promotional campaign entitled "The world’s leading hairdressers". The message: natural hair and beauty for salon clients all over the world.

Intercoiffure Mondial

Simply being beautiful! Versatile simplicity meets unbridled individuality. Soft curly waves in blonde. A sleek straight bob in caramel. Or shoulder-length, demure curls. Beauty in diversity and authenticity. Honesty and self-confidence make you attractive - you don't need Instagram filters for that.

The new promotional campaign of Intercoiffure Mondial under the aegis of its Global President Peter F. Pfister strives to deliver timeless hair fashion statements. "Our new beauty visual is not about a fast-moving trend prediction. Intercoiffure Mondial is aimed at all salon customers - end consumers in particular should feel that our hair fashion creations appeal to them. We want our styles to emphasise the personality and lifestyle of the wearer. Of course, we can style grandiose avant-garde catwalk looks, but our international hairdressers primarily focus on masterful quality in the salon," says Pfister. "Our Intercoiffure Mondial members know how to handle all different qualities of hair, because we are at home on all continents." The new images - which feature hairstyles of different hair colours and lengths - are intended to reflect the openness of Intercoiffure and affirm the slogan 'The world's leading hairdressers'. "Because we are successful hairdressers from all over the world," Pfister emphasises, "and we do hair for people in and from all continents!"

The three versions of the beauty visual include a casual summer look, business and sophisticated leisure styles as well as festive hair creations. As Peter F. Pfister says: "Intercoiffure is a reliable partner when it comes to looking good! The cultural diversity within Intercoiffure is so enriching because we are able to enjoy an incredible creative exchange. It is important that as hairdressers we know our clients, recognise their different personalities and accept them as unique individuals." Peter F. Pfister has been the Globe President of Intercoiffure Mondial for four months. The Austrian has been a member of the global elite association for hairdressers for over 35 years. In his first few weeks, the entrepreneur has built up a new team and in addition to showcasing the latest beauty visuals alongside the slogan "The world's leading hairdressers", he is buzzing with ideas. "Our new slogan is designed to emphasise our high standards," says Pfister. "Our profession combines craftsmanship with creativity and an enthusiasm for beauty. It is our duty to offer our customers an outstanding service."

And the logo, the Intercoiffure star, has also been tweaked slightly in terms of graphics. It expresses the philosophy of Intercoiffure Mondial and its high standards. As Peter F. Pfister puts it: "Similar to the gastronomic and hotel industry, this star is meant to be a symbol for the top level of our members. The five points represent the creativity in our minds, the craftsmanship of our hands and the agility of our legs, spreading our mission across the globe."

© Intercoiffure Mondial
Photographer: Rob Peetoom
Make-up & Styling: Rob Peetoom Team/Amsterdam
Hair: Intercoiffure Mondial

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Intercoiffure Mondial

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