Fashion Future: Euphoria -
the Intercoiffure Mondial Collection 2023

It’s now more than ever! Indulging in a sea of happiness. Laughing with all your heart. Feeling free. That irrepressible feeling of lightness and exuberance captures the mood of the new ICD Mondial Collection entitled Euphoria. The Spring/Summer 2023 season is full of optimism and confidence.

Intercoiffure Mondial
Photo credit: Intercoiffure Mondial / Vice President Intercoiffure Mondial - Fashion: Markus Herrmann / Intercoiffure Fashion Team 2023: Linda Schuster (Sweden), Bobby Thompson (USA), Francesco Bottone (Italy), Miguel Estelrich (Brazil), Vincent Langedijk

Fashion is a powerful way to show attitude. Intercoiffure Mondial’s hair fashion trends for 2023 want to celebrate life and face the future with optimism - even though and precisely because the world is in turmoil, war is ongoing and economic hardships are having an existential impact on people.
Euphoria looks were developed and styled by the international hair artists of the Mondial Fashion Team 2023, photographed by Intercoiffure member Rob Peetoom, and staged in the style of «the world’s leading hairdressers» - casual, chic and confident

PARIS. What makes you euphoric? The greatest confidence and contentment. These are snapshots of elation. Is that possible in times of war? «Our new Euphoria collection emphasises the individuality of each person and allows for creative freedom. It’s all about reviving a vigorous energy after two years of the pandemic and the terrible events in Ukraine,» says Peter F. Pfister, Global President of Intercoiffure Mondial. He emphasises that «hair has always been a symbol of strength. We can give our customers this strength with great cuts, colours and styling!»

The makers of the Euphoria collection chose the title deliberately. They are convinced that “we alone must determine our actions, our thoughts. If we subordinate everything to the aspirations of an aggressor, then we give him even more power over us. We started preparing the collection in November 2021, and then 24 February happened... We are sure that the world needs positive feelings. The hair salon can be a place for light-heartedness. Our clients come to us in their free time. Our job is to create special experiences for them. With our Euphoria collection, we want to signpost new beginnings and joie de vivre,» says Markus Herrmann, the Intercoiffure Mondial Vice President in charge of Fashion, about the philosophy behind the collection.

Digital Lavender, Tranquil Blue and Tender Shoots are hot fashion colours for the spring/summer season. Lavender purple was seen early on the catwalks of designers Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod’s and Valentino. The colour and textile experts of the international trend research company WGSN and manufacturers of the colour system Coloro associate Digital Lavender with calm, wellness and optimism. And Tranquil Blue, in their eyes, celebrates a return to clarity, lightness and harmony in our lives. The vibrant greens of Tender Shoots emphasise the «need for spirited energy and dynamic vibrancy that soothe and create a peaceful space,» according to the Pantone Color Institute. Mixing and matching these colours conjures up free spirits and a positive vibe. In keeping with these fashion statements, the Intercoiffure Fashion Team looks full of confidence, gender-neutral and diverse.

It was very important for hair artists from all over the world to develop wearable, commercial looks for the end consumer and not to impose any fashion dictates on clients. «Everyone should find their own beauty and personality and express it through their hairstyle,» says Markus. Wonderful styles that bring out the client’s individuality are the way to achieve this: casual soft curls as the accessories of natural fashionistas, tousled redheads for extra bling, blondes with shortcuts for delicate femininity and dark long bobs as styles of perfect elegance.

Model: Laura
Young, cheeky shortcut: wavy bob in a summer blonde with darker roots.

Model: Romaine
Nostalgic and natural: curly shaggy style with gradations and soft fringes. The bright copper tone harmonises wonderfully with her delicate complexion.

Model: Marianne
Modern mohawk: a super sharp mohawk cut with very slim side contours and extra volume on top. The ends of the hair are light and bleached.

Model: Melanie
Shimmering long bob: variable restyling to create a feminine curly head or a classic purist sleek look. Highlights accentuate the layering in the front section.

Model: Adeline
Cool androgynous short haircut: layering at the back, sharp side lines and soft gradations on top. With lowlights in the lengths and dark roots.

Model: Chloe
Pixie cut with long top layers and lots of texture. A bold fringe and blonde highlights. Finished with a violet tone.

Model: Quinton
Casual men’s style: narrow sides correspond with soft contours around the forehead - all layered and softened. Light shades add clarity to dark hair

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