Intercoiffure On Air

Intercoiffure Mondial goes On Air with its global partners.

Every now and then, Intercoiffure Mondial visits one of its partners within their premises or a selected venue that is representative for the partner company.

Intercoiffure is a guest and is taken into the most intimate corners of the partner companies : their workplaces, their laboratories, their show rooms, to feel the corporate culture and understand what animates the collaborators in working hand in hand with hairdressers and beauty experts.

The encounters are recorded and streamed to the Intercoiffure members on a time frame that is accessible to all. Stay tunned and do not miss the forthcoming episodes.




April, 29th 2024 - On Air with L'Oréal


Streaming videos will be available in due time on our platform:

Intercoiffure Mondial

Intercoiffure Mondial

Intercoiffure Mondial, a globally recognized authority in hairdressing, brings together top stylists and salons from around the world. Our commitment to excellence and innovation in hair fashion is reflected in our news, where we share insights, trends, and expertise that meet the high standards and diverse creativity of our international community.

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