Intercoiffure hairstylists live and breathe authenticity, identity, international flair and individuality. 42 nations have committed to the same values and created regional structures around the international exchange between Europe, Asia, North & Latin America, Nordic and Oceania. The future of beauty, fashion and hairstyling is in diversity.


Peter F. PFISTER - President ICD Mondial - Austria

Frank GAMBUZZA - Vice-President ICD Mondial - USA

Junji YAMANO – Vice-President ICD Mondial || President ICD Japan

Markus HERRMANN - Vice-President ICD Mondial || President Europe Region & ICD Germany

Martin PETERER - Treasurer ICD Mondial, President ICD Mond SA & ICD Switzerland

Oliver BOHN - President Fondation Guillaume - Germany

Bruno SOMMER – Managing Director Fondation Guillaume – Switzerland

Eizo KAKIMOTO - President Asia Region – Japan

Christer HERTZBERG-HADDAD - President Nordic Region & ICD Sweden

Sheila ZARICOR-WILSON - President North America Region & ICD America-Canada - USA

Miguel ESTELRICH - President Latin America Region - Brazil

Anel CLOETE - President Oceania Region & ICD South Africa

June WILDE -  Chancellor of the Chevalerie - Australia

Jens DAGNÉ – President Education for Life - Germany

Dan STUDER – Managing Director Education for Life – Luxembourg

n/a - Chairman of Education -

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