The friendly and professional relationship between the Sections of the five continents vouches for the continuity of our organization. The exchanges between Europe, Asia, America and the other continents are the force of Intercoiffure and its development in the interest of all. In order to promote the globalization of Intercoiffure and to integrate all the creative forces of the Association, a new regional structure was created.


Klaus Peter OCHS - President Intercoiffure Mondial - Germany/France
Eizo KAKIMOTO - Vice-President Mondial/President Asia Region - Japan
Frank GAMBUZZA - Vice-President Mondial, Member of the Working Committee - USA
Dr. Karl SCHROEDER - President IMM SAS, Legal Advisor & Treasurer ICD Mondial - Switzerland
June WILDE - Member of the Working Committee & Chancellor of the Chevalerie - Australia
Alain ZINZIUS - Member of the Working Committee, President ICD France - France
Ignacio ROMERO - Working Committee Member – Spain
– President ICD Mond SA, President ICD Switzerland – Switzerland
- Chairman of Education - Austria
- President ICD Germany - Germany
Manfred HOHMANN - Central Committee Member - Germany
Hiroaki KAGA - Board Member ICD Japan - Japan
Jamie CARROLL - President Oceania Region - Australia
Christer HERTZBERG-HADDAD - President Nordic Region & ICD Sweden - Sweden
Oliver BOHN - President Fondation Guillaume - Germany
Miguel ESTELRICH - President Latin America Region - Brazil
Günter EHRLER - President Europe Region - Switzerland
Chung-Wei CHENG – Central Committee Member – Taiwan
Lucia LABRA – Central Committee Member – Chile
Laiz PREZIOSI – Central Committee Member – Brazil
Bruno SOMMER – Managing Director Fondation Guillaume – Switzerland
Junji YAMANO – President ICD Japan - Japan
Oddbjørn JAKOBSENMember of the Council of the Chevalerie – Norway
Sheila ZARICOR-WILSON - President ICD America-Canada - USA
Hiroyuki OBAYASHI - Vice-President ICD Japan – Japan