Couples were dancing the Charleston in ballrooms; women were having their hair cut into short bobs – the “Roaring Twenties” were renowned for their exuberant and extravagant parties. It was at this time, in 1925, that hairstylists from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and England established the L’Association Internationale des Maîtres Coiffeurs de Dames (I.C.D.). Five years later, in 1930, France created its own “Section”. And it was Parisian hair artist and sculptor Guillaume Guglielmi, who took the destiny of Intercoiffure Mondial into his own hands after the Second World War, succeeded by John Pfeil, Alexandre de Paris, Maurice Franck and Klaus Peter Ochs. In September 2021, Peter F. Pfister was appointed Global President of Intercoiffure Mondial. Bringing with him a new vision and brand image « The World’s leading hairdressers », the new President wants to push a step further the global association.

Under his auspices, one of the biggest goals of Intercoiffure Mondial is promoting the future of the industry – together with highly valued partners. The global support, friendship and appreciation between the hair industry and Intercoiffure Mondial enable salons to grow. This also includes intensive junior training: through the activities of the Fondation Guillaume, Intercoiffure’s Juniors are empowered, inspired and given the opportunity to keep developing. Another goal and matter close to our hearts is social responsibility. Every year, Intercoiffure Mondial increases its support for socially disadvantaged youths with the “Education for Life” programme.

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