"L'Association Internationale des Maîtres Coiffeurs de Dames" (I.C.D.) was founded in 1925 in Germany by hairdressers from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and England. In 1930, France created its own Section. After the second World War, the famous hair designer GUILLAUME took the destiny of Intercoiffure in his hands. His successors at the head of our Association were John Pfeil, Alexandre de Paris and Maurice Franck.

Since the World Congress in Berlin in September 2000, the presidency has been entrusted to Klaus Peter Ochs who clearly defined his objectives:

  • Develop the number of members yet preserving the philosophy of Intercoiffure, obtain 3000 members in 50 countries
  • Intensify, under the banner of the "Fondation Guillaume", the promotion and the development of the activities of the Juniors of Intercoiffure
  • Re-enforce the links of collaboration and friendship with the hair industry
  • Take on social responsibility