22nd Intercoiffure World Congress in Osaka/Kyoto

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Magic hair in Japan! Spectacular world summit of the hair fashion elite in Osaka. 1000 beauty experts from 35 countries admired 17 prestige hair fashion shows and four exclusive gala shows. They had the opportunity to experience the unique Japanese approach to hospitality, ‘omotenashi’, and were captivated by the beauty of the Golden Palace and the wonderful zen gardens of Kyoto.

Osaka/Kyoto, May 2017.
Where Japanese flair met the international fashion world of Intercoiffure Mondial: The world’s best hairstylists celebrated global hair art at the 22nd World Congress of Intercoiffure Mondial in Osaka/Kyoto. The encounter provided an abundance of poetic fashion inspiration. Geisha looks captivated and enthralled the audience and were as magical as a stroll through a zen garden. Cool, futuristic hair creations and explosive colour palettes exuded a sense of vibrancy as dynamic and trendsetting as the pulse of the bustling metropolis of Osaka. Japan preserves its heritage with real dedication but is still always one step ahead when it comes to the latest trends.
For three whole days, more than 1000 beauty experts from 35 countries were blown away by the line-up of inspiring prestige and gala shows. This was the perfect occasion to celebrate extraordinary handcraftsmanship.
The Intercoiffure Mondial philosophy was plain to see during this mega event: creative passion, masterly skills, outstanding perfectionism, an untiring curiosity and global friendship across borders.
Intercoiffure Mondial’s President, Klaus Peter Ochs, Vice President Eizo Kakimoto and ICD Japan President Junji Yamano welcomed the hairstylist elite – together with the strong industry partners to this international summit of the professional world market leaders in hair products.
Klaus Peter Ochs: “This congress is the absolute highlight of the beauty industry and takes place in a different location around the world every four years. Join us in achieving a new milestone in the history of Intercoiffure!”
To set the tone for the prestige shows, Asia Fashion Director Hiroyuki Ohbayashi presented “Japan Beauty” – showing the influence of fashion and hairstyles as an inspiration for global fashion presentations with Maria Kamiyama (“Miss Universe Japan 2011”) as a beauty influencer and star designer Toshihiko Sakurai.
“At the Intercoiffure World Congress, the best of the best come together on stage. The congress offers our members a plentiful source of inspiration. Intercoiffure Japan is delighted to be welcoming you all,” said Junji Yamano, President of Intercoiffure Japan.


The first of the 17 prestige shows at the 22nd Intercoiffure World Congress was by ICD Japan with the Kimono presentation entitled “Lifelong dreams”. Stunning geisha hairstyles oozing glamour: feminine, traditional up-dos with delicate and imaginative jewellery adornments such as peacock feathers and intertwined silk ribbons. Masterpieces of the Japanese style. Dreamlike and beautiful.
Gender-crossing was the focus of the ICD Nordic Region: “Reflection” showed transformations. Long ponytails were draped to form voluminous up-dos and a pinned-back plissée bob. Whether male or female, gender isn’t relevant here as beauty exists in many different ways.
“Magic Ice” featured hair artworks like dazzling ice crystals. ICD Chile presented sculptural up-dos with silver and grey-blue accessories. Video projections showed majestic glacier landscapes as a backdrop for the extraordinary big hair creations of the ice princesses.
A great concept of new communication technologies was staged by L'Oréal Digital, who presented a perfect system of interactive exchange between clients and salons.
Soft lavender meets grey, violet loves blonde: ICD Thailand transformed the stage into a catwalk of a dynamic fashion metropolis with their prestige show “Bangkok Dynamic & Diversity”. Undercuts with wild afro textures, disconnected styles with graphic shapes and asymmetry. Backcombed up-dos with braided hairbands looked ultra-trendy, confident, playful and extravagantly elegant.

It-girls wearing textured romantic looks: soft bobs, asymmetric and loose. Blonde, red, copper. The focus here is on having fun. ICD Japan showcased street-styles from the megacity Tokyo in “Made in Omotesando”. Natural wavy volume for rock’n’ roll queens and fiery red for bolero showgirls. Underlined by the lyrics of David Bowie: “There’s a star man waiting in the sky” – trend looks for a heavenly fashion future!
Colour art by one of the greatest hair artists: Daniel Galvin for Hoyu presented perfect colour compositions as a homage to femininity in “Daniel’s philosophy and endless enthusiasm”. Customised, natural and exuding a sensational glamour.
Cool, young, expressive: ICD South Korea with “Glam-perience”. Fantastic cutting and styling in candy colours. Modern mohawk looks, long hair with graphic cut-outs, rainbow colour gradients and hippie glamour with extra-long, colourful extensions. The approach here was: “Colour is light. Light is shadow. Shadow is 3D.”
On behalf of ICD France, “Raphaël Perrier” designed imaginative avant-garde up-dos. Extravagant XL hair formations – piled up, draped and expertly sculptured, hair sculptures with oversized flower accessories and architectural shapes alongside hair art with “butterfly” appeal.
Edgy, urban, unique: ICD China showed loud, colourful and experimental fantasy looks. “Modern Fashion” looked like it was from a design lab of hair fashion rock stars. Extra-long fringes, a wild mix of textures and multicoloured “papillote” styles – hair fashion with an irrepressible enthusiasm for creativity.
An artist with an understanding of balance: Tadao Arai for Milbon created classic, elegant hairstyles with incomparable elegance. In “Eternal Beauty”, hair was showcased as a piece of perfectly formed jewellery – as if it were designed for a precious Japanese doll.
Dreamlike, timeless glamour styles by Masa Ohtake for Shiseido Professional: his “Infinite Beauty” show transported the audience to a wonderland of style: delicate up-do interpretations, ultra-feminine beehives, modern graphic cuts with red and black contrasts and big hair with fascinators with star appeal.

Global beauty power and hair art with an incredible creative power! Right from the very first day of prestige shows, the global fashion expertise of Intercoiffure Mondial was apparent. Eleven phenomenal shows were celebrated by the hairstylists and industry partners from Asia, Europe, Oceania, South America and the USA at a vibrantly colourful Japanese welcome party: sake barrels were traditionally broken open, jugglers and drummers entertained the guests and there was a huge variety of culinary specialities at the market stalls, reflecting the fact that Osaka is a gourmet paradise. Eizo Kakimoto, Vice President of Intercoiffure Mondial and President of Intercoiffure Asia, said: “Japan’s traditional culture can only enhance this high-profile event because, as the saying goes, the past feeds the future.”

On the second day, visitors made their way through a tunnel of red “torii”, Japanese wooden gates, to more prestige shows, the legendary awards ceremony and spectacular gala shows.
ICD Bulgaria celebrated naturalness with nostalgic looks. “Paneurhythmy” featured romantic braids, soft cherub curls and plaited styles with a mystical appeal.
ICD Europe and its hair artists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland turned the stage into an avant-gardist, hip folklore festival with their prestige show entitled “Modern Traditions around the Alps”: braided crowns with floral adornments, XL twisted braid swirls with filigree adornments, avantgarde up-dos with braided horns, soft curly bobs and cool short graphic cuts that exuded joie de vivre and a playful fashion vibe.
“Union and Harmony” by ICD Taiwan: a rock-chic performance with urban short cuts. The perfect interaction of disconnected looks with Bauhaus-style elements were combined with experimental colour nuances in blue-violet.
Samurai girls and manga princesses are the fashion role models of ICD Japan and their prestige show “hyakka-ryoran”. The looks were opulent, glamorous and daring: XXL chignons in black copper, piled-up hair with silver feathers and neo-baroque designs with voluminous hair art.
So much power, passion and carefree flair! The young talents of the Fondation Guillaume showed a brightly coloured, cool trend show. 35 juniors from 15 countries rocked the stage with “Neon Fascination”, fashion pop with brightly coloured hair towers and XL extensions by Hairdreams. Pink, blonde and blue with ultra-long ponytails and wildly backcombed beehive styles. Japanese girls love comics and this was reflected in the loud, extravagant and weird and wonderful looks, straight out of the pages of a manga fairytale.


Over two whole days, the global artists of Intercoiffure Mondial proved their visionary fashion expertise at the prestige shows.
For the four gala shows aesthetic was paired with the utmost creativity and perfectionism.A fascinating kimono ceremony: Juni-Hitoe, “Royal Family Kimono”, a celebration of grace and humbleness. The finest fabrics with wonderful hand-painted visuals in 12 layers worn over one another.
Christophe Gaillet for L’Oréal Professional focused his gala show “Colorful” on subtle finesse and wonderful femininity: voluminous utopian manga styles and sensuous up-dos with glam accessories.
Adventure romance in Steampunk style: When we’re in love, the stars shine brighter and colours seem more intense. “Romeo & Juliet” by kpO for Wella, was an impressive ultra-modern fashion presentation with expressive short cuts and colour explosions: blue, blonde and passionate red. Female lovers with flowing long hair in copper fire appeared alongside wild, Steampunk rocker Romeos.
Filigree blossoms, red leaves and zen garden looks featured in the projected illusion and served as a background for the gala looks by the Japanese hair artists. ICD Japan whisked us off to a magic Japanese world: “Empty your mind”. The artistic flower-shaped hair designs and draping resulted in beautiful, sculptural hair fashion.

Before the big gala event of the 22nd World Congress of Intercoiffure Mondial, 140 outstanding personalities were presented with special prizes at the official awards ceremony.
The Industry Grand Cross, the highest honour for beauty partners, was received by Ralf Billharz, General Manager of Coty Professional Beauty for the Germany, Austria & Switzerland region: “The ICD World Congress was a resounding success on all levels. Flawless organisation, shows of a high level, international diversity and an excellent exchange among participants. For Coty Professional Beauty, it’s always a privilege to attend such an event, whether on a global or national level.”
Jochen Zaumseil, Executive Vice President Asia Pacific Zone of the L’Oréal Group was decorated with the Industry Commander, another very prestigious award of the Ordre de la Chevalerie, the Intercoiffure Order of Knighthood: “It’s amazing to be able to experience the world’s best hairstylists here, in inspiring, creative Japan. Here at L’Oréal we are proud to have been supporting Intercoiffure Mondial for many years, united in our mission to make the hairdressing trade a role model for all creative professions.”
The 22nd World Congress of Intercoiffure Mondial ended with a visit to the old imperial city of Kyoto – a magical place with a special energy. In its temples, shrines and zen gardens you can listen to the trickling fountains and sense the strength of the trees.
The magical appeal of the World Congress in Japan was also emphasised by Intercoiffure Mondial President Klaus Peter Ochs at the farewell event “One Night in Japan”: “You have seen 21 shows by the best artists in the world, experienced fantastic evenings of Japanese hospitality and a visit to the cultural capital Kyoto. I take my hat off ICD Japan and bow down to the superb organisation of this mega event,” he said.
Our special thanks go to Intercoiffure Mondial’s long term privileged partners L’Oréal and Wella, to our new partners RefectoCil, Davines, Hairdreams and Jaguar/Tondeo as well as a very warm “dōmo arigatōgozaimasu” to ICD Japan’s main partners Shiseido Professional, Milbon, Hoyu Professional and Takara Belmont!

And the farewell also saw everyone leave through the traditional Japanese gates, or “torii” in Japanese, which symbolically mark the transition from the profane to the sacred, a gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds. This was a reminder that the event was about heightening our senses and gaining new perspectives, as well as living out an enthusiasm for foreign cultures and unlimited style.
A vision of global beauty.