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conceptAs from 2016, a training programme involving our partners is offered in our "House of Nations" under the banner of the "Intercoiffure World Academy".
Within this context, it should be noted that as many members as possible from the 56 countries can send their employees to these training courses at the least possible cost. The different native languages of the countries must be given special consideration in the elaboration of the concept. English will be the basic language and can be easily understood and will be regularly accompanied by a second language (German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Italian…)

In 2018, ICD Mondial decided to enlarge its offer to our members with services also for Barber members, ColourStar members and Young Entrepreneurs.

In 2020, new categories have been developed in order to answer to the needs of the market: “MovementStar”, “Wigs in Fashion” and “Eye brow & lashes services”.

Discover here the various categories of seminar that you can possibly follow with Intercoiffure Mondial.


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I’m Getting Trained in Paris” are hairdressing seminars: the haircutting, up-do and colouring techniques used in the current Intercoiffure Mondial collection are presented and practiced over the course.

Under this label, you will be able to find now two brand new seminars:

  • MovementStar: perms are back! Clients are more and more thinking about curly hair specially combined with colour. We need to adapt our offer and be able to propose this technique with a fresh look.
  • Wigs in Fashion: we are daily working with clients, listening their stories and sometimes their problems… using a wig for medical reasons calls for a special treatment. In collaboration with our partner Aderans, we will teach you the possibilities and secrets of this use.
    In our creative job, wigs can be also used for a Fashion purpose. Let’s see how we can integrate this offer in our salons. The seminar will also be about cut, color and business knowledge.

1,5 days in Paris to get trained in the Intercoiffure Mondial headquarters by professional trainers and enjoy a nice and typical dinner in Paris altogether!

First come, first served! Register here


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Barber seminars – Men´s world

The new trends for men and the different ways to get this important and growing clientele back to our salons. The times have changed and the history of Intercoiffure (Internationale des Coiffeurs de Dames) needs to be complemented with a masculine dimension: male clients! The Men are back in our business and barbershops can also become Intercoiffure members!
We would like to help you to give the best service and run a professional men-hairdressing-salon. Get the knowledge from well known Barbers of Intercoiffure Mondial!

1,5 days in Paris to get trained in the Intercoiffure Mondial headquarters by professional trainers and enjoy a nice and typical dinner in Paris altogether! First come, first served! Register here


ColourStarYou want to be a ColourStar? Be ready as this means to integrate a group of hairdressers highly specialized in coloring. Colours are all around us in life. Know how to use them today and learn how to use them to change the future!
ColourStar is not just a seminar ... it’s a totally new type of colour trainings which will give you advanced knowledge about colours, new and different techniques, a new philosophy in their use and how to work with them!
To subscribe to this seminar, your hair salon must agree on the ColourStar fee indicated the “Offer & Cost” chapter further on. Warning: this seminar is not for beginners!
Are you ready to make the difference? First come, first served! Register here


YI logoEntre-Coiffeurship is a brand new and modern business seminar which starts with a 6 to 8 weeks digital/online seminar followed by a face-to-face seminar. This seminar is not only for young hairdressers who want to run their own business at an Intercoiffure standard, but it is also destined to Salon owners who want to refresh their business knowledge.

You are not part of Intercoiffure Mondial yet but want to be part of this business seminar? This is possible, get directly in contact with us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Join the online seminars and get tips from already settled and successful entrepreneurs and exchange views and knowledge with the best hairdressers in our business and with two University Professors.



 A special thank you to our partners for helping us to make it possible!


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