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Education concept

conceptAs from 2016, a training programme involving the partners is offered at least once a month.
Within this context, it should be noted that as many members as possible from the 56 countries can send their employees to these training courses at the least possible cost. The different native languages of the countries must be given special consideration in the elaboration of the concept.

In 2018, ICD Mondial decided to enlarge its offer to our members with services also for Barber members, ColourStar members and Young Entrepreneurs.

Service and content

20130706 ICD architecture 7114For each course, the appropriate trainer from the different regions will be consulted. The contents shall be very focused on the offer.
This means that each training course has a particular orientation as priority. The themes provided shall always distinguish “basic” from “advanced”. The courses shall include a theoretical, demonstrative and “hands-on” part.

The following contents (topics of discussion and open to further suggestions) shall be scheduled:

  • Colouring
  • Special colours and particular techniques
  • Cuts, variations for women
  • Cuts, variations for men (if part of the collection)
  • Long hair techniques including up-dos
  • Special techniques with flat and curling irons or other tools
  • Latest trend news