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Electing or choosing from various sources. Made up of what is selected from different sources. Not following any one system but selecting and using the best elements of all systems.

linda schuster

Sweden - Linda Schuster
☆ People’s Choice Award

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terrina brown

Australia - Terrina Brown

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hannes steinmetz

Austria - Hannes Steinmetz

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Urban Zen white

When was the last time you were surrounded by [silence]? Minimalism is the key. The characteristics of Zen fashion are flat dismantlement which has been known as a Japanese style, oriental minimalism and nature beauty of ecology.

takayuki obayashi

Japan - Takayuki Obayashi
☆ People’s Choice Award

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chazlynn kruger

South Africa - Chazlynn Kruger

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leonardo mendez

Uruguay - Leonardo Mendez

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The search to break global boundaries is its own QUEST. Taking inspiration from the world and transcribing them to your environment. The ‘Global Citizen’ trend takes into account how our daily actions and consumer behaviors impact the greater good.

anna horpynchenko

Ukraine - Anna Horpynchenko
☆ People’s Choice Award

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monica casado

Brazil - Mônica Casado

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victoria diener

Switzerland - Victoria Diener

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 Statue 3

23rd World Congress Berlin 2021

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