Punks not dead

punks not dead

On Fashion's Forever Long Love Affair with Punk. Why the age-old trend has a new resonance now?

It isn’t a surprise to see the return of punk, fashion's original symbol of defiance. Hardly a new idea, but it suits the current mood perfectly. While in one corner most of the fashion world is rebelling against the status quo with a joie de vivre-fuelled air strike of sequins, optimism, rainbows, elegance and glamour, those remaining in the other are responding with bite and spike.

This 2020 look is neo punk, but using the classic ACCESSORIES in all their variations. Think of it as a post-punk mash-up — more attitude than labels. A little rude girl, a little early generation, a little rock, a tad mod, a lot of glam, a little Vivienne Westwood during the Malcolm McLaren days.

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Cosmic Babe

cosmic babe

Humankind has made it possible to reach the space with suborbital flights. Virgin Galactic will be the first commercial company to offer spaceflights. Dreaming of the wide universe and reaching it has become a bit closer.

Exploding stars and Aurora Borealis give the inspiration for a new visual language with a wide palette

The color scheme is pastel with new emerging hues.

With the rise of spiritual generation, the demand for ENLIGHTENING services is constantly increasing. Consumers are starting to believe more in Astrology, Horoscopes and cosmic science. They believe gemstones bring good health and luck.  

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After Midnight

after midnight

Blue. Immortal elegance Blue, a symbol of harmony, mystery, peace; certainly and mostly a symbol of great elegance.

Sea blue, electric blue, cobalt blue, navy blue, peacock blue, petrol blue: the more you have the more you may add. Every year we find ourselves enumerating all the surprising shades of blue we’ve seen in catwalks during fashion weeks, as if a touch of blue were always necessary. If for Armani blue colour represents a must-have, we find it also in many a recent years collection such as:

  • Antonio Marras
  • Missoni
  • Ermanno Scervino
  • Dolce&Gabbana 

The After Midnight woman is sleek, daring, SEXY and very mysterious. She is extremely independent and going out After Midnight.

Hair ranging in blue and/or red hues, short sleek graphic cuts and updo’s. Brunettes and redheads take centre stage here

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Define Me(n)

define men

The men’s spring/summer 2020 collections shown in Paris and the Italian cities of Florence and Milan earlier this June, is that designers and brands took a big stab at redefining men. And, for the record, anything goes. (After all, in this gender-fluid world, who makes the rules about who gets to wear a dress or the color pink or carry a handbag?)

The big takeaway — both on the runways and the reaction on social media — appeared to be that exploring one’s identity is the way to live in 2020.

The runway collections do manage to address a long-standing complaint about menswear being boring. (Yes, color matters!) And they also appear to explore the cultural shifts happening now globally as everyday people — not just celebrities — define themselves on their own terms, particularly when it comes to subjects such as sexuality and gender.

So whether you opt for floral, pastel or deep colored reinvented ASYMETRICAL suits, the look are ELEGANT and far removed from the previous seasons grunge and streetwear. A definite throwback to the sixties and seventies is noticed

The 2020 man is confident in his choices, ready to dare and not afraid of defying the norm.

Technology has taken a back seat in the coming season with less “tech wear” which is a welcome change

Hair trends are longer styles , tending towards that neo-70’s feel.

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