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The Power of Us! Intercoiffure Mondial staged a spectacular global online event for its community and beauty experts the world over. For three hours, the event was live streamed to celebrate global Intercoiffure friendships. The programme from Paris culminated in an announcement: the TRENDblast winners. The supporting acts for this grand finale showed a great deal of visionary spirit and hair fashion expertise. There were streamed talks with international guests, brilliant interpretations of trends by the Mondial Artistic Team, and extravagant shows. Motivational talks by industry partners and a bevy of international hair artists joined the throng, feeling positive and surpassing expectations – despite any limitations relating to coronavirus.

Intercoiffure Mondial would like to express its pride in all the TRENDblast participants and partners, whose creative energy is helping to shape the future at this difficult time. Viewers were taken on an inspiring journey live from Intercoiffure Mondial headquarters. Their guides were Intercoiffure Mondial’s Managing Director Alexander Herzberg, the moderator Christian Rupprecht-Essig and a panel made up of Joakim Roos, Linda Schuster and Jefferson Stevanato.

Eizo Kakimoto, outgoing Vice President of Intercoiffure Mondial and President of Intercoiffure Asia Region, welcomed the international Intercoiffure community and emphasized the importance of shared values:

“Here at Intercoiffure we aim to deepen our commitment to solidarity, friendship and mutual respect through communicating with people from all around the world. It is important to work side by side, creating and sharing new trends, even in difficult circumstances – that is what Intercoiffure does best. As we move towards a new era, TRENDblast provides an opportunity for young people to play an active role.”

Participants in the international competition each chose one of Intercoiffure Mondial’s on-trend contemporary tendencies to interpret: Rock-mantic, Ecolife, Metallic Silver and Androgyne. These stylists each created a 60-second fashion video message on one of our four TRENDblast looks, and did a photo-shoot of their model.

Frank Gambuzza, Vice President of Intercoiffure Mondial, was full of praise for these Intercoiffure hair artists’ outstanding work:

“I have always associated Intercoiffure with excellence: you can see it in this competition. The talented entrants came from all around the world. This is a sort of new Intercoiffure, because so many trends are produced by young people.” He also has a message for the future: “We’ve got a rich history, so we need to respect our past. There are so many phenomenal hairdressers worldwide who made us what we are today. Equally, it’s now time to take things forward. We need to accept the future together, and then we’ll all gain from it.”

Alexander Herzberg, Managing Director of Intercoiffure Mondial, clearly stated the aim of this high-level gathering. He was looking forward optimistically, after a very intense and strenuous year. He emphasised Intercoiffure Mondial’s dynamism and mutual support, plus its uniquely warm-hearted interpersonal encounters. He thanked the industry partners for their trust:

“We would usually be greeting each other in person here in Paris at the Intercoiffure Mondial House of Nations, hugging our friends from around the world. This time, we can only give our heartfelt thanks digitally. We’d like to thank L’Oréal, Aderans, Wella, Milbon, RefectoCil, Hairdreams and Graham Hill for their support in times both good and bad, for their unstinting commitment to join forces and support the best hairdressers in the world. Intercoiffure Mondial aims to recruit new members and open up new perspectives for all our members. Education is the key to our success. Our training programme will cover topics like Business Management, Artistry, Innovative Colour Techniques and Services. Intercoiffure also offers inspiration on trends from every continent, alongside great shows and events. The past two years have taught us how important it is to feel a sense of belonging and how positive it is to draw strength from having friends around the world at Intercoiffure. Our partners and Intercoiffure members can only benefit from this spirit: the power of us.”


That creative spirit could be seen in abundance at the live-streamed third edition of the TRENDblast event and Intercoiffure Mondial global hair fashion happening. Six impressive, extraordinary shows from Japan, Romania, Ukraine, Austria, Finland and the Mondial Artistic Team presented the four TRENDblast themes:

Rock-mantic: a punk revival. Rock-mantic fashion approaches 2021 with a soft, feminine side. These hairstyles are structured and creative, with short fringes.

Ecolife: sustainable fashion escapism. Back to nature spirit shows through in natural cuts and responsibly sourced products.

Metallic Silver: from chain mail to lamé, this trend shines through. Shimmering shades interpret a futuristic look.

Androgyne: Man? Woman? It’s all about being non-binary. Long cuts in a dark romantic style combine with short, (gender) nonconformist cuts.


Presenter Christian Rupprecht-Essig chairs an expert panel live from the House of Nations in Paris to discuss the very varied trend interpretations and the TRENDblast competition.

Joakim Roos, Global Educator at Intercoiffure Mondial, said: “It is clear that the bar has been raised much higher over the past three years. It takes a whole lot of hard work to achieve this extraordinary level of quality and win the competition. There are both technical abilities and creative imagination to consider.”

Joakim is a trainer from Sweden who works internationally; he discussed the individual regions’ hair fashion messages: “We are seeing much more dramatic looks from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries than from other parts of Europe. On the Latin American beauty market, there are many more feminine and very ambitious styles.”

Linda Schuster, the 2020 TRENDblast winner from Sweden, talked about creativity and having the courage to really go for it.

“If you ultimately want to succeed, you need to have the courage to fail. When you unleash your own creative consciousness, it’s hard to rein it in again. But this is not about perfection – for inspiration, you need a free spirit.”

Nino Altobelli, Artistic Director of the Fondation Guillaume, tuned in from Minneapolis–St.Paul, USA. In his view, the TRENDblast competition is a great opportunity for up-and-coming hairdressers. He said to his friends around the world:

“I’d like to recommend that all Intercoiffure regions give their youngsters the chance to be part of the Fondation Guillaume. Please support the hairdressers of the future and give them a voice, train them – there are so many opportunities within our Intercoiffure education programmes. The future belongs to young people, we must let them overtake us as they grow!”

Jefferson Stevanato, a publicist from HM em Revista in Brazil described how effective the competition is in terms of publicity.

“Participants in TRENDblast experience an explosion of emotions. Since the competition connects them with creative people from around the world, they are receptive to creativity and new techniques.

As a journalist and former jury member for TRENDblast, I’m a big fan of competitions. This is where I see outstanding work and meet new hairdressers who are ahead of the game. These professionals are breaking down barriers and rising to a whole new level. This is my passion. And it is an art!”

The TRENDblast finalists were connected by Zoom as they waited for the winners to be announced.

The 2021 World Fashion Winners are:

For the Rock-mantic category: Kati Suokas from Finland
For the EcoLife category: Lucian Bratu from Romania
For the Metallic Silver category: Elen Traysman from Israel
For the Androgyne category: Sergii Gubanov from Ukraine


The 2021 World Fashion Silver awards went to:

For the Rock-mantic category: Cristina Mihutiu form Romania
For the Metallic Silver category: Oleksii Baluiev from Ukraine
For the Ecolife category: Serena Ascrizzi from Italy
For the Androgyne category: Oleksii Baluiev from Ukraine


The 2021 World Fashion Bronze awards went to:

For the Rock-mantic category: Olena Bondarenko from Ukraine
For the Metallic Silver category: Anthony Tan from Australia
For the Ecolife category: Krisztina Keresztes from Romania
For the Androgyne category: Darren Boon from China


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