The purpose of the award is to reward members who have given exceptional service within the national organization of Intercoiffure. Nomination to the rank of Knights will require a minimum of three years of services within their membership.


Presented to a member already holding a Knighthood who has performed additional merits in the following three years.


Only presented after five years in the rank of Officer again for new merits internationally.


Will only be awarded to Commanders of at least five years standing who the Grand Master and the Council feel have contributed to the advancement of Intercoiffure Mondial

No nomination will be considered if not presented on the correct form accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae, giving reasons why this person is eligible. Longevity will no necessary warrant such an award. No President may nominate himself. His nomination has to be agreed by the Board with the signature of the Vice-President. The GRAND CROSS may not be applied for.

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