7. Finance

Direct expenses in connection with the formal events and only when a member is officially invited by the COCO-IFG can be partly or totally reimbursed as long as the financial situation of the IFG allows such expenses. Candidates are usually not reimbursed, but in all cases, the decision is up to the COCO-IFG.           

8. Exclusion

8.1 For Reasons within the Sections
A candidate or a member who is not working anymore within an Intercoiffure salon or whose parents or one of them are not Intercoiffure members anymore cannot remain as a member or as a candidate. It is up to the President of the Section to inform the CEO of the Fondation Guillaume by written letter.  
8.2 Other Reasons
When a candidate or a member acts against the purpose, the interests, the spirit of the IFG, or against the interests of Intercoiffure in general, the IFT of the IFG has the right to exclude one by two/third of the present members and with an improvement of the COCO-IFG. The same procedure will be applied if one acts against the basic regulations or the internal regulations of the IFT of the IFG.

9. Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, etc.

9.1 By-laws of the Fondation Guillaume.
9.2 Internal Regulations of the Board of the Fondation Guillaume.
9.3 The licence
9.4 Basic Regulations
9.5 Internal Regulation of the Flying Fashion Team    
9.6 Guidelines for Juniors
9.7 Awards of the Board of the Fondation Guillaume and the Fashion Team of the FG  

10. Validity

These Basic Regulations were accepted at the meeting by the Board of directors of La Fondation Guillaume and the International Fashion Team of the International Fondation Guillaume on May 16th 2008 in Rio de Janeiro.