4. The International Focus

In order to reflect the international structure and culture of Intercoiffure Mondial the IFT-members should be able to find an easy way to communicate with Juniors around the world. Some of the IFT-members should be able to speak one or more foreign languages. The structure of the IFT should reflect the international level of Intercoiffure Mondial. Mainly the continents and Regions should be represented.  
Languages (for practical reasons): English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, etc.
Other languages are welcome and highly appreciated.
Continents, Regions, Countries: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Mediterranean.

5. Who can apply

Each young hairdresser who is fulfilling the criteria of these regulations and is working within an Intercoiffure salon or is a son or a daughter of an Intercoiffure member can apply.  
Applicants who are already serving within their Intercoiffure Section as President of the National Fondation Guillaume (Licence) have priority.

General information

6. How to proceed

1. The candidate sends an application letter to the CEO of the Fondation Guillaume with the signature as an improvement of the President of the Section.
2. The COCO-IFG will check the applications and if the conditions are fulfilled, the IFT will receive the adequate information for a first vote.
3. If everything is ok, the candidate will be invited at one of the next meetings and one of the Fashion Team members will be appointed as a God-mother or a God-father to the candidate.
4. According to these regulations, the IFT will vote about the candidature and later on for a full membership.