Basic Regulations of the International Fashion Team (IFT) of the IFG

How to become a member?

1. Candidate

Age of candidates: minimum: 20 // maximum: 32  
Duration for being candidate: minimum one full year with at least one full participation as a candidate at an International Forum Seminar.
Waiting list: If the maximum number (15) of regular member is reached, the candidate has to wait for a free position.  
Election of a regular member: After a successful time of candidature the whole IFT will vote by 2/3 of the present members in order to take the candidate as a full member.

2. Regular members

Number of members: minimum 10 members, maximum 15 members
Age of members: minimum 21 years old and maximum 45 years
Age exceptions: If a IFT members holds an indispensable and essential position, the COCO-IFG and 2/3 of the present members of the IFT are entitled to make exceptions.


3. Personal requirements

Professional qualities: Successful hairdresser, passion for hair and beauty. Communication in English should be possible.
Personal attitude: Integrity, solidarity, open for international relationship and friendship. Tolerant and understanding for other customs, habits and other culture, beyond politics, religion, nationalism and racism.

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