Fondation Guillaume Juniors Exchange (JOF)

Juniors of the Fondation Guillaume "JOF" get to know the world and acquire international experience in their profession and in life.
The focal theme of Intercoiffure Mondial is:

- transcend borders
- transcend exchange ideas, culture, language, fashion, know-how

The legacy of Guillaume is:
giving young and talented hairdressers a chance to foster and open the doors to the world.

Aim of the JOF:
- they know Intercoiffure Salons in different countries
- they study different concepts
- they take part in educational classes
- they taste the culture of the host country
- they are confronted with different people and different customs
- they are interested in different languages and experience an open  world.  

Who can participate?
- sons, daughters and collaborators of Intercoiffure Mondial members who have finished their professional education
- ideal age group: 18 to 27 years.  

How is the Junior Exchange organized?
- Junior Exchange is organized only by the Internet.
- Juniors need the permission of the employer (password and member-code).
- Publications remain switched on for a period of two months.
- Afterwards they must be edited again.

Legal and financial questions:
- The visit and exchange in a country is done under the status of a "student exchange".
- Each participant is responsible for his/her insurance (coverage for illness and insurance).
- Duration of the exchange: from 1 week, according to individual  agreement.
- The host looks for an adequate accommodation (room, apartment, guesthouse, hotel etc.).
- The guest should have basic knowledge of the language of the  host country or "basic English".
- Intercoiffure Mondial offer only the platform for the Junior exchange.
- Intercoiffure Mondial isn't responsible for the agreements reached between the parties.

Further information can be obtained from the President of your Intercoiffure Section.