Fondation Guillaume Collections


This first part of the collection represent a sensation of romance in soft fluent shapes, Flowers with pink details and radiant luster. This particular style is to the ones who dreamt of the ultimat fairy tale wedding with beautiful details and sensational feeling of romance in the air. Sweet yet elegant some what secretive but with lots of fantasy influences.

This second part of the collection is about being daring and sticking out of the crowd and to show off a strong personality.
What we look for here is much more attitude a bit cocky and cool at the same time,. the style is more rugged and rough with a new concept regarding wedding styles.
With this we also want to see the guys to be more daring in their choice of hair for the special day.

In the third and last part in the collection TIE THE KNOT is it the true commercial feeling that is the motto. any client should be able to ware a beautiful wedding design on their special day.
This part is based on lots of soft romantic influences with soft shapes and plenty of braids. Even in this part e see our male clientele to dare to go against the streem a bit and dare to ware that bit of extra styling on the big day.

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