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The Hairfashion Collection of Fondation Guillaume 2017

The Journey Towards The Self
I have climbed highest mountain
I have run through the fields
Only to be with you
But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Incredibly beautiful. Mysteriously sensual. Deeply moving.
In “Heritage of Hair“, the latest collection of the young Intercoiffure actors of the Fondation Guillaume, life itself is the main focus.

Deceleration & Truth

The collection refers to the present state of society which is moved by its desire for silence and truth, back to humanist values, true feelings and reliable faith.

“Desire for us was the basic feeling to be expressed in the pictures when it comes to the development of the collection. Regardless of our origin, how we look like or what makes us special, we are all striving for a higher, superior and common objective. Hence, in “Heritage of Hair“ you can find many different characters”, Mario Leibold explains in his function of manager of the Fondation Guillaume and member of the board of Intercoiffure. Thus, mythological elements meet traditional habits and customs of various cultures. We come across enchanted sites, watch devotional scenes, meet fascinating personalities and dive into their mysterious world of ideas. Beyond all the differences and facets we all want the same: to live our individual beauty. Without a beginning or an end, in an authentic accordance with ourselves and the environment.

Incredibly like a Dream

Tradition and a close connection with nature meet modernity. “Heritage-of-Hair“ combines all the different elements of past decades with the latest techniques in the fields of color and styling. The result are trendy editorial-looks and wearable variations with the certain something. In focus are sandy, earthy and matt natural shades in contrast to shining surfaces and rough structures. Cold and warm colors go hand in hand. All seems unagitated and natural, as if it had never appeared differently. The colors range between natural blond shades with ashy roots to chill brown and of course the typical Irish bright copper.
“Heritage of Hair“, means a play with textures and structures, natural movement and casual volume. All styles remain uncomplicated and unmade and attract attention to the essential: It has to be as unique as the person wearing it.

Please note the photo credit: (c) Intercoiffure, Fondation Guillaume, Germany

CREDITS - Heritage of hair

Overall Head of: Mario Leibold
Production: Petra Hützen
Art Direction: Petra Hützen & Mario Leibold
Hair & Styles: Mario Leibold, Anna Widerker, Syringa Helweg, Carmen Friedl,
Florian Fuchs, Pierre Wiegandt, Eva-Maria Heidingsfelder,
Josephine Acht-Kötter, Marco Dupré, Yves Gembus, Bahar Gözcü, Laura Modsching, Sandro Schmied
Make-Up: Ute Hützen & Team Fondation Guillaume
Fashion & Styling: Petra Hützen & Team Fondation Guillaume
Beauties & Editorial: Hellen Pass, Aachen
Reportage & Editorial: Andreas Riedel, Neustadt a.d. Aisch
Film: Hendrik Kubik
Story & Text: Petra Hützen
PHOTO CREDIT: (c) Intercoiffure, Fondation Guillaume, Germany

For further questions, visuals and information do not hesitate to contact us:
Press contact: Petra Hützen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., office: 0049(0)2238-4203578, cell: 0049(0)163-4204141

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