ECLECTIC RIOT by Foundation Guillaume Norway

Foundation Guillaume Norway is deeply inspired by their Scandinavian roots in the new collection Eclectic Riot which plays with minimalism, youths playfulness and at the same time are new to the eye.
We got inspired from both old and new techniques, made a twist and inspired eachother in the process.
The minimalism are highly expressed through the choice of styling and feeling in the collection, and at the same time keep hair the hero.
Hair are inspired by todays braid and texture trends, and put together, works as an hybrid between salon friendly and a touch of avantgarde.
Which also makes an contrast to the minimalism in the collections styling.
It is always hard to invent the wheel again, but playing with classic techniques and ideas, and done with a twist, makes the young new generation love it!


Frida Andersson
Cathrin Norlin Bernvald
Maiken Transeth
Sara Sabattini
Gina Fladberg
Vi Van Vu
Malene Løvik Hjelle
Maren Holmen Sunnarvik
Nina Strid

Hair, Make-up and Styling:
Henriette Hauge& Cathrine Grinaker

Peter Vonkunz Brun