Fashion around the world

We love the unforced textures with a feeling from past centuries. It’s a simple style that last forever with a playful feeling. The colors are done with global techniques  for the calm harmony that we like to present in this collection. 

CREDITS - Unforced - Intercoiffure Sweden

Hairstylists: Idde Charbachi, Susanna BuskeEva StrömbladMirre Dehlin & Sabria Nison
Make-Up Artists:
Nathalie Mitovski, Mirre Dehlin, Annelie Svärd & Agnes Kalerö
Photographers: Nathalie Mitovski, Hampus Forssander, Susanna Buske, Rickard Monéus & Thomas Björklund

While publishing this collection, please make sure to use all credits.

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