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As we are all too painfully aware, this year has brought many challenges to our world as a whole, and it has changed us, indefinitely.
In our industry, we thrive to reveal the innate, authentic expression from within, such that it can and will reflect in an outward way, to celebrate, what we know as BEAUTY. Our resources and expertise are relied upon to help direct and bring to fruition an aesthetic that is unique to each and every individual person; an aesthetic that is an absolute reflection of who they are and who they want to be.
For months during this past year many of us, if not most, were pulled from our work and forced to stay home, quarantined, such that we can protect ourselves and others. What we witnessed in terms of self-care and beauty was a triumph of self-referral, selfquery, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment. People began to see themselves in a different way. And many people made some changes.
Here, in our featured collection, you will see those changes on an underrepresented but essential platform. We are featuring people from all walks of life and all backgrounds that have come together as one united front. Those embracing their natural color and those who are influenced by this attempt.
Men, in particular enjoying the long locks that perhaps came reluctantly at first but turned out to be what they had always wanted.
Women, keeping it simple, with shorter and tighter looks for less maintenance saw just how chic this approach could be. Natural textures thriving in an unrefined yet somehow polished lifestyle, and lastly DYI inspired clean-ups, braids, and accessories.
One thing for sure is that people began to realize what we have in common, BEAUTY, in our own self-realized and self- actualized ways. As hairdressers, we thank this movement for its revelation.

CREDITS - Beauty - Lauren Donald, Bond Street Salon

Hair and Make-up: Bond Street Salon, @bondstreetsalon
Photographer: Ian Jacob Photography


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