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A homage to Berlin.
A declaration of love to the hairdressing trade.
A commitment to fashion.

Berlin cannot be pinned down to one style. Berlin is not black or white. Berlin is colourful and multifaceted. Its many faces make up the city: individual, extravagant, creative and always different, the combinations wild, contradictory and sometimes chaotic.
In Berlin, all sorts of creative people are prancing on the urban streets with stylish, crazy and trendy design creations. There are a many experiments and trial and error. The German capital is THE metropolis par excellence when it comes to creativity, youth culture and street style. As a venue for versatile, individual fashion creations, new trends are courageously tried out here. Because what arrives here has fashion potential.
The fashion metropolis Berlin is individual & present
Through creativity and a sense of fashion, new Berlin street styles are constantly being created. Always nice and casual, seems to be the motto of Berlin's fashionistas. Whereas in New York or Paris every outfit is styled to the smallest detail, Berliners only care for looking “undone”. Berlin - a colorful mass of individual characters. No wonder that the Fashion Week, which has taken place twice a year in the German fashion metropolis of Berlin since 2007, is a great success. In January and July Germany's fashion elite gathers in the hip locations where young and established designers present their new creations in spectacular catwalk shows. Urban feeling, exclusive fashion and after-show events where fashion-loving stars and starlets, fashionistas, models, editors and the young blogger scene meet.


CREDITS - Homage to Berlin - Intercoiffure Germany

Fashion Director: Kay Schneider
Intercoiffure Fashion Team: Maja Schwarz, Matthias Scharf, Horst Schmidt, Sezai Bingül
Fondation Guillaume: Sunny Schmied, Linda Geißler, Chi Wai Li, Jan Mayer
Photographer: Adrian Bedoy und Torben Köster
Post - Production: Velislav Markov
Styling: Annet Veerbeek, Assistenz: Jeamy des Celles
Make-up: Mari Drope
Video: Johannes Schneider
Photo credit (c) Intercoiffure Germany / Adrian Bedoy

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