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Life of every person is much more complex than a human brain can perceive and explain. EXSISTENTIA is the existence in the human's inner world, his/her Individuality. It's a life on intuitive level that subtly feels itself and has the right to introduce its own rules. Our task is to highlight it, to step aside from the dictatorship of the environment and bring out the individuality to the front line. The breaking of "style rules" makes both fashion and life more interesting and helps self-expression. Using modern methods and techniques for hair coloring and cut we have created outwardly simple, textural and floating forms of different lengths highlighting the individuality without correcting it.


CREDITS - Exsistentia - Intercoiffure Ukraine

President ICD Ukraine & Co-Fashion Director ICD Europe: Natasha Balabanova
Art-Director ICD Ukraine: Elena Siedykh
Natasha Balabanova
Elena Siedykh
Irytna Zaitseva
Mikhail Kozhukhar
Sergey Nikitin
Ruslana Moroz
Pavel Butylskii
Nadiia Perina
Iryna Fraiuk
Liudmila Maksimovich
Olesya Rasskazova
Mariann Rekrutiak
Julia Bryl
Dmitrii Baranov
Julia Karsalap
MAGNETIC brand clothes™ Logic Clothes
Lena Yastreb
Cote Jeunot

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