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Intercoiffure Spain

Collection 2018

Intercoiffure Brazil

Urban Collection by Intercoiffure Brasil Young Talents

Intercoiffure Norway

The Smell of Female is a homage to neo-classisme and street fashion.
A post modern young man idealises his mothers old wardrobe!

Intercoiffure Brazil

“Beauty in Senses”
The minimalist and clean beauty are the composition with nature and multicultural which reveal human’s five senses. Current make-up and pantones colors with a tropical touch and textures that bring a mix of sentiments, individuality and desire.

Intercoiffure Brazil

In the regional event of Santa Catarina, Intercoiffure Interbeauté Brasil has been inspired by Trend Vision 2018 Collection by Wella Professionals and developed the new collection with the Wella support named “Trend Vision Nonturing Shift by Intercoiffure Interbeauté Brasil.”

Intercoiffure South Africa

Fashion Warrior collections

Intercoiffure Finland

Intercoiffure Brazil

Inspired on northeast Brazilian beauty, Intercoiffure Latin America shows on “Ser-tão Árido” that arid also can be beautiful.

Intercoiffure Brazil

The Beauty of human being is in all plurality that shows us we are persons with different characteristics, beauty, thinking, feeling and life. All of those differences make us beautiful.

Intercoiffure France

Boucle d’or
Camaïeu de blonds pour ce carré solaire tout en boucles revisitées par une belle modernité.

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