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Intercoiffure France

Boucle d’or
Camaïeu de blonds pour ce carré solaire tout en boucles revisitées par une belle modernité.

Intercoiffure Germany

Fashion Report by Intercoiffure
Individualität & Natürlichkeit - die Themen der Intercoiffure Looks 2018

Intercoiffure Ukraine

EXSISTENTIA is the existence in the human's inner world, his/her Individuality.

Intercoiffure Finland

Intercoiffure Ukraine

Fashionista Trends 2017 - Inspiration

Intercoiffure South Africa


Intercoiffure France

Simple, sobre, accessible et dans l’air du temps, "Fashion Face", la nouvelle collection d’Intercoiffure France, symbolise l’image de ce Label.

Intercoiffure Germany

LOOK & LEARN Technique Collection
feminin, natural and yet trendmotivated ‐ the Intercoiffure Collection 2016

Intercoiffure Switzerland

The Artist Pool by Intercoiffure Suisse was founded by Marc M. Menden, the fashion director at Intercoiffure Suisse, to set trends and create new styles with the best professionals in Swiss hairstyling, and present them to the general public. Its objective is to release a new trend collection every year in collaboration with renowned Swiss photographers, art directors and fashion designers.

Intercoiffure Asia Region

Hyper Asia Hair Collection 2016 in Shanghai

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