The Council

Klaus Peter OCHSMr. Klaus Peter OCHS
Grand Maître
Paris - Frankfurt
President Mondial and Grand Master of the Ordre de la Chevalerie since the World Congress 2000 in Berlin. Recipient of the Grand Cross. - Germany -


June WildeMrs. June WILDE
Intercoiffure Mondial Board member and Central Committee member. Former President ICD Oceania Region and former President ICD Australia. Very involved in her country and Region´s growth. - Australia -


Yoshi KidoMrs. Yoshie KIDO
Member of the Council
Chairman Active Committee ICD Japan, President Blue Stocking (Women's hair designer club), board member of Japan HairColor Association. - Japan -


Cristina CiucaMrs. Cristina CIUCA
Member of the Council
Founder President of ICD Romania in 1998, very active for Education for Life in Romania, member of the Education for Life Committee. - Romania -


Günter EHRLERMr. Günter EHRLER
Member of the Council
Honorary President ICD Switzerland, Board member and Communicator of the Western Europe Region, Vice president of the Kongress-Kommission Zurich. - Switzerland –


jean peralta s Mr. Jean PERALTA
Member of the Council
President ICD Uruguay from 2002 to 2010, President of the "Centro Patronal de Peinadores" from 1977 to 1989, active participation in all Latin American events. - Uruguay -


Oddbjørn JAKOBSEN Mr. Oddbjørn JAKOBSEN
Member of the Council
President ICD Norway, Board member Nordic Region, professional trainer, participation in national and international competitions, author of an educational book. - Norway -